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Customised Governance Development

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Development of board performance with customised workshop solutions, meeting facilitation and director coaching.

Enhanced director understanding of evolving governance duties and responsibilities through tailored workshop services.

Professional development through access to thought leadership on governance practice around the world.

About Customised Governance Development

Customised Governance Development is a key process for:

  • Educating those new to non-executive directorship on their duties and responsibilities
  • Educating experienced non-executive directors and executives on new topic areas for Boards and organisations e.g. Governance of Culture and Governance of Sustainability & ESG
  • Design of tailored education programs to match the unique requirements of an organisation’s sector, industry and lifecycle
  • Design and delivery of sector wide governance education programs resulting from Royal Commissions and other Inquiries
  • Delivering programs for individual directors or for Boards and executives in group learning settings

Components of Customised Governance Development

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Delivery of in-house governance education programs

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Provision of online and university accredited governance education programs via Global Governance Initiative, a partner of Peakstone Global

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Design of tailored governance education programs e.g. Governance for Start-ups

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Coaching of non-executive Chairs, directors and key executives

Why Peakstone Global for Customised Governance Development? 

Our Advisors and Facilitators involved in delivering Customised Governance Development are all: 

  • Fellows of the AICD 
  • Current or former Education facilitators for the  AICD 
  • Experienced as directors and advisors to Boards 
  • Professional, practical and personable women and men who deliver engaging, creative and result focussed programs 
  • Working within a cooperative, collegiate and supportive Firm that shares knowledge for the benefit of our clients 
  • Focussed on using advanced digital and other tools to optimise the learning processes for our clients 
  • Delivering highly effective programs on a cost effective basis 

Why Customised Governance Development?

Customised Governance Development addresses a range of governance and strategic challenges such as:

  • Non-executive directors lacking the capability and experience to effectively perform their role 
  • Upskilling in the ‘soft skills’ of being an effective non-executive director
  • Executives and Company Secretaries inexperienced at working with and servicing Boards
  • Lack of capacity for Board Chairs and Committee Chairs

Our Approach

The Peakstone Global approach is to diagnose, design, deliver and embed.

Our specific steps to delivering Customised Governance Development services are to:

  • Establish the learning objectives and a clear scope with the Chair and other key stakeholders 
  • Design the education program content 
  • Agree on the mode of delivery as either face to face, online or a hybrid 
  • Deliver the education program, effectively and efficiently 
  • Conduct post delivery sessions to gain feedback on the education program and other interventions to embed the learning objectives 
  • Align learning objectives to yearly Board and Committee review plans
BG Mountain Approach

Key Benefits

Create the best Board for your organisation: 

  • Design an optimal Board structure and select the right directors 
  • Improve Board dynamics and the Board’s interaction with management 
  • Lead constructive, consensus-building Board meetings with time-efficient agendas 
  • Focus on specific areas relevant to your needs, for example: strategic direction, sustainability, ESG, risk and cyber security.  

Strengthen corporate governance: 

  • Optimise your Board governance approach 
  • Facilitate a deeper understanding of the Board’s current and emerging responsibilities 
  • Focus on specific on improvement of governance processes in areas most relevant to your needs, for example: strategic direction, sustainability, ESG, Board composition and dynamics, risk and cyber security, integrity and oversight 
  • Learn with fellow directors and prepare your Board to react to crises and deal with exposure to emerging risks 

Dynamic learning environment: 

  • Facilitated by advisors with real-world director experience across a variety of industries and sectors, we will provide you with new insights and practical tools  
  • Use of intensive working sessions and activities designed to update and deepen your knowledge on governance issues, Board practice and the roles and responsibilities of directors 
  • Accredited governance education programs via Global Governance Initiative, a partner of Peakstone Global 


  • New non-executive directors  
  • Experienced non-executive directors and executives seeking to build knowledge on specific topics (culture, sustainability, ESG) 
  • Non-executive directors seeking to improve performance and build new capabilities 
  • Executives and Company Secretaries working with and supporting Boards 
  • New committee and Board Chairs 

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