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As a leading governance and board services firm we combine professional advice with world class digital assessments, surveys and services. In light of global changes we deliver best of breed digital services to support reviews and assessments. These are affordable, validated, benchmarked and lead to world class governance.

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Board Effectiveness Survey

A well-structured benchmarked board assessment will identify areas of strength and areas where improvements can be made across the 20 most important dimensions of a board’s effectiveness. The review also sets an important baseline from which the impact of subsequent improvement initiatives can be measured.

Our benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report clearly depicts our unique What/Who/How/Do framework including the 20 factors and some of the survey items we use to benchmark the effectiveness of your board.

If you want to set high standards for your organisation’s performance, start by setting a high bar for the governance and performance of your board. Your shareholders and other stakeholders also have the right to expect that your board will set that high bar.

  • Affordable
  • Validated
  • World class
  • Benchmarked
  • Optional professional advice
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1. Board Role Clarity Index

2. Board Composition and Renewal Index

3. Chair leadership

4. Committee leadership

5. Performance management of the Board

6. Boardroom dynamics

7. Board delegations

8. Board/CEO relationship

9. Board/Management relationship

10. Information management

11. Meeting management

Board Process Index

12. Vision and strategy

13. Board priorities

14. Organisational performance

15. Organisational culture and integrity

16. Risk management and compliance

17. Executive talent and succession

18. Executive remuneration

19. Continuous improvement

20. Adds organisational value

Board Tasks Index

Highly reliable, high integrity and ethics, independence of mind, sound judgement, thorough, relates well to others

Constructive in a team, adds new perspectives, good group problem solver, presents views well, deals well with conflict, fully supports decisions

Sets a good example, insists on high standards, displays strategic thinking, can be decisive, influences direction and purpose, good ambassador

Understands oversight versus management, financially literate, understand legal duties, oversights risks, understands the business, its major challenges and drivers of success

Director Effectiveness Survey

A well-structured review that is appropriately positioned as important for the ongoing development and growth of directors and that is conducted in a constructive way has benefits to the individual directors, the board and their organisation. Gaps will almost certainly be identified and made visible in the self-awareness, attitudes, behaviours, commitment, teamwork, focus and skills of directors.

Our Director Effectiveness Report shows the survey items we use in relation to each of the four dimensions that are important to a director’s effectiveness and the valuable perspectives our reports provide.

Most boards that conduct regular director assessments also carry out a process to help their directors improve their effectiveness with the assistance of an independent external party. The effectiveness of the board as a whole is inextricably linked to the effectiveness, experience and competence of the individual directors that comprise the board.

  • Affordable
  • Validated
  • World class
  • Benchmarked
  • Optional professional advice
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