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About Director Assessments

Director assessments identify areas for development and learning for a diverse range of governance skills or behaviours.

Who are the role models who can impart their wisdom and how diverse is the thinking on the board and the committees?

Director Assessments Overview

Regular board assessments and individual director assessments are vital to evaluating the effectiveness of a board, including their ability to fulfil their roles and obligations, their performance in relations to industry and government regulations, and their commitment to achieving an organisation’s purpose and strategic goals.

At Peakstone Global, we take an objective and unbiased approach to conducting board assessments. This is achieved by gathering relevant, valuable, and insightful comments and feedback from all parties involved, in a productive and confidential manner.

We employ a range of proven assessment tools and methods – such as Board Effectiveness Surveys, Director Assessment Surveys, One-on-One Interviews (and video One-on-One Interviews), gap analysis of Board Skills Matrixes and even observations of boardroom dynamics – in order to gather data that enables us to provide recommendations and governance improvements based on reality , not assumptions or generalisations.

In doing so, we can create a customised action plan tailored to your specific needs; one that clearly identifies the board’s current strengths and weaknesses, and implements a strategy designed to achieve real, sustainable growth and excellence in all aspects of governance.

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Director Assessments Components

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Director capabilities and attributes review

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Skills matrix development

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Board skills and succession

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Director development and sourcing strategies

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Assessment approaches including self-assessments and moderated assessments

Why Director Assessments?

Director assessments address a range of governance and strategic challenges such as:

  • Too many or too few directors
  • Directors who do not effectively contribute
  • Poor behaviour of directors
  • Cliques within the board
  • Lack of diversity in directors
  • Lack of succession for the Chair and MD/CEO
  • Ineffective use of external committee members

Our Approach

The Peakstone Global approach to Advisory Services covers the full project lifecycle of diagnose, design, deliver and embed

Our specific approach elements to delivering Director Assessments advisory services are:

  • Establish the brief and a clear scope with the Chair and other key stakeholders
  • Understanding power dynamics separate to authority levels as per an organisation’s Constitution
  • Reviewing and updating the capabilities, behaviours and diversity matrix of directors
  • Formalising Chair, director, committee chair and Managing Director/CEO succession processes
  • Utilising digital services such as a Director Effectiveness Survey, supplemented by interviews of key stakeholders
  • Articulating sourcing strategies to have a diversity of directors across the dimensions of gender, age, culture, and language
  • Referrals to other firms for the sourcing and assessment of directors
  • Assign monitoring points and coach key stakeholders so client can embed the change agenda with advice and support of Peakstone Global
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