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Identify critical board performance factors and implement an ascent plan toward success

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About Board Reviews

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Board reviews are a key process for:

  • Understanding how boards are performing
  • Establishing benchmarks to measure improvements
  • Receiving insights or advice on steps to improve governance performance
  • Using independent advisors and credible surveys to build trust between management and other stakeholders and the board
  • Ensuring that the key elements of sound governance including Strategy, Risk, People, Information & Technology, Cyber Security and stakeholder relations are well governed
  • Our board reviews help determine whether your organisation’s governance is effective now and into the future. It helps ensure that the functioning of the board is future focused and setting an ascent path to improved performance.

Board Reviews Components

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Governance maturity assessment

Icon Reviews

Governance improvement reviews

Icon Maps

Action ascent maps to address governance gaps

Icon Culture

Board culture (as per organisational values and behaviours), ethics & dynamics

Icon Crisis

Crisis governance, including on the ground support during a governance crisis

Why a Board Review?

Board reviews address a range of governance and strategic challenges such as:

  • Poor organisational performance
  • Compliance obligation to have a review completed
  • Prior reviews which have not led to a change in practices or behaviours
  • Dealing with a board or organisational crisis
  • Risk of losing funding or licence to operate

Our Approach

The Peakstone Global approach to Advisory Services covers the full project lifecycle of diagnose, design, deliver and embed

Our specific approach elements to delivering Board Reviews advisory services are:

  • Establish the review brief and a clear scope with the Chair and other key stakeholders
  • Conduct the review diagnostic through interviews and/or digital surveys to elicit insights
  • Assess and analyse the results and information from the review diagnostic
  • Benchmark board performance over time and with sectors peers
  • Provision of findings, recommendations and design options including a facilitated workshop with the Board
  • Articulation of actions and ascent delivery plan over 24 months
  • Assign monitoring points and coach key stakeholders so client can embed the change agenda with advice and support of Peakstone Global
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