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About Governance of Risk

Governance of risk requires directors to protect the interests of an organisation, its clients, employees, and the communities in which it operates. At the same time, directors need to identify and leverage the key opportunities that present themselves.

How is risk management an enabler of an organisation’s performance and growth and in the Digital Age? How does an organisation secure its technology and information, especially in the face of cyber threats?

Governance of Risk Overview

Technology governance and cyber security governance determines how an organisation prevents, monitors, detects, and responds to various cyber threats, including data breaches, intrusions, cyberwarfare, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

The role of cyber security governance is to establish policies and procedures for Boards to provide the necessary oversight and management to interpret and implement into their daily operations.

By doing so, both the board and management can maintain consistent leadership perspectives, resulting in a more focused, direct, and proactive approach to technology governance – while complying with relevant industry and government regulations.

At Peakstone Global, our focus is establishing technology governance awareness and strategies that align with your organisation’s purpose and strategic goals.. We create tailored plans that protect the interests of your customers, employees and other key stakeholders. In doing so, you can be confident that your organisation is safe from the threat of current and future cyber security risks – in the most safe, secure, cost-efficient, and reliable manner. With cyber security the question is not if you will be threatened but rather when and how your board and organisation respond.

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Governance of Risk Services Components

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Key risk identification and management

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Technology governance and cyber security

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Organisational culture

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Key opportunity identification and management

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Identification of innovative initiatives and risks

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Why Governance of Risk Services?

Governance of risk services address a range of governance and strategic challenges such as:

  • Management do not clearly understand the risk appetite of the board
  • Excessive risk governance may limit opportunities for organic and inorganic growth
  • Directors may not understand what they do not know regarding conduct risk and cyber security risk

Our Approach

The Peakstone Global approach to Advisory Services covers the full project lifecycle of diagnose, design, deliver and embed

Our specific approach elements to delivering Governance of Risk advisory services are:

  • Reviewing internal frameworks and standards and how well they are translated to practices by management
  • Undertaking a maturity assessment and developing a roadmap to bridge the gap between current state and desired future state for the three key components of Technology Governance:
    • Cyber security
    • Information
    • Technology
  • Benchmarking to global frameworks and standards
  • Workshopping / facilitation of board risk appetite and alignment with management’s ability to create the right risk culture
  • Aligning of risk appetite with strategic plan and changes in the external operating environment
  • Stretching the board and management to delineate between continuous improvement and innovation
  • Facilitating the board setting the most appropriate cultural and ethical ‘tone from the top’
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