Our Partners

In the provision of outstanding governance advice and services to build trust and performance, Peakstone Global has partnered with a range of like minded services firms across the Governance Services Continuum. These firms offer advice and services throughout Australia and Asia Pacific in the following areas:

  • Digital governance education for SMEs, NFPs and business owners
  • Coaching for the boardroom via certified coaches
  • Governance of brand and marketing
  • The planning and running of virtual summits
Board Benchmarking

Board Benchmarking

  • Board Effectiveness Survey
  • Director Effectiveness Survey

Board Benchmarking’s aspiration is to help lift the performance and effectiveness of thousands of boards across the globe, because we believe Better Boards means Better Organisations.

Board Benchmarking plans to achieve its bold aspiration by making affordable, validated, world-class, benchmarked board and director surveys available to organisations across the globe no matter what their size, nature, industry or location.

Professional advice to interpret and act on the survey results is also available through a growing global network of Board Advisory Partners like Peakstone Global.

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Partners GGI

Global Governance Initiative

  • Online governance education
  • Enterprise licencing
  • Independently credentialed
  • Director and aspiring director coaching

Global Governance Initiative is a supplier of online governance courses. Our courses are developed in a way to make them “accessible to all” through: innovative story telling, real life examples, a plain English approach, engaging user experience and a price that is affordable for all.

We believe in applied governance learning: real-life ideas, situations and solutions. Governance shouldn’t be a mystery known to a select few. It’s something you do, hands-on, every day.

Through partnership with GGI, Peakstone Global clients can now access; applied online governance learning (for individuals or scalable for organisations); helped in your learning journey by your Peakstone Global coach; with the added opportunity to recognise your knowledge with 3 Deakin micro-credentials.

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Bravo Careers

  • Director Coaching Services
  • Director Pathways Program
  • Career Services for Individuals
  • Career Services for Organisations

The Bravo Careers team is a large and diverse group of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about helping people to reach their full potential – in all areas of their lives. They work with dedication, insight, humour, respect and determination to create champions and applaud success.

The celebration of success is a powerful motivator. Bravo Careers gives you the knowledge to recognise that power within your workplace – and yourself.

Bravo Careers is led by Dale Simpson who since 2009 has focused on delivering accessible, relevant and grounded career consulting services across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and India. He has a deep understanding of the cultural imperatives and requirements of these regions.

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